Mid-Year Update

It has always been difficult to keep things updated throughout the year, but it is especially difficult this school year with the hybrid learning. We started this year with a post saying everything was different in 2020, which was a huge understatement, and this year seems to be continuing in the same fashion. We miss our students in our rooms, and for Music Class, we very much miss making music through singing and playing instruments. Unfortunately, this update brings much of the same. We will continue to have general music lessons with minimal singing and no shared instruments, but we will continue to be creative and find new ways to experience music.

In December students created their own Grooves and Compositions using Quaver Creatives. While our younger students explored the instruments of the orchestra through Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

This is a different year for sure, but we are absolutely #HerodStrong! Our Herod Jets are musicians and rocking it every single day! We are just counting the days until we can perform again!

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