Audition Information

I wanted to leave this information here for you to think about the future. One day we will make a band again. One day…

below is General information for modern band, an after school program that we will try to implement at West University Elementary in the future!

Modern Band is a new school-based music program created by Little Kids Rock that utilizes popular music as its central canon. Styles that are studied include rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, electronic dance music, and other contemporary styles as they emerge.


We will have only one day for Auditions, where no more than 30 students will be selected for the Modern Band.  Auditions will consist of matching pitch, group singing, and solo singing, and rhythm demonstration. Each student must prepare one of the following pieces for their individual audition: Edelweiss, Amazing Grace, to The Star Spangled Banner. This is a closed audition, and all students are expected to stay for the entire audition time.


The cost to join the Modern Band is $30.This fee will cover the cost to purchase a Modern Band T-shirt, as well as aid in the purchasing of songs, props, and materials. Need-based scholarships are available and donations in excess of the fee are welcome.


Students who wish to participate in the Herod Modern Band must maintain a grade of at least a B in all subject areas. In addition, students must maintain at least an S in conduct in all areas. Students who fail to meet these requirements may be excluded from a performance or removed from the Band.


Parents/Guardians will need to provide transportation to and from rehearsals and performances for their student. No student will be allowed to walk or bike home without expressed written consent. Notes should be emailed or given to Mrs. Hoevelman, prior to any changes. Parents/guardians who will be picking up their children are asked to do so promptly at the end of rehearsal. Students who are not picked up promptly will no longer be allowed to continue with rehearsals.


Students must attend ALL rehearsals. Students may not miss more than 2 rehearsals without extenuating circumstances and/or prior consent of Mrs. Hoevelman. The Modern Band will meet in the Music Room (T-4) or on stage in the Multi- Purpose room for dress rehearsals.


There will be many opportunities for your student to participate in Modern Band fundraisers. The proceeds will go toward the productions in way of costumes, set designs, and props. Further details will be given later in the year!