Quaver Music

Enriching Lives Through Music Education

Quaver Music is the world leader in General music education for grades Pre-K to 8. General music is their sole focus. As a result, in less than four years, their music education programs have been adopted by more than 6,500 schools worldwide. They support schools in 50 states and 29 countries using Quaver’s teaching resources. They are committed to maintaining ongoing, relevant, and helpful communications with their teachers, which they consider part of the Quaver family.

Music education is all they do.

Their dedicated staff of 60 employees work full time to develop music teaching resources quickly and stay on the cutting-edge of music education and technology.

Technology is what they know.

They have been developing their online curriculum for over 7 years. They’re not just digitizing textbooks, but creating truly interactive content optimized for classroom bandwidth along with backup resources for Internet down days.

Teachers are why they’re here.

Their curriculum resources encompass all music teaching pedagogies. They work with teachers from Orff, Kodály, Gordon (MLT), and other general music communities to create content that use technology to enhance these time-tested pedagogies.

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